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Today we're taking a major step to simplify online privacy with the launch of fully revamped versions of our browser extension and mobile app, now with built-in tracker network blocking, smarter encryption, and, of course, private search - all designed to operate seamlessly together while you search and browse the web. Our updated app and extension are now available across all major platforms - Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iOS, and Android - so that you can easily get all the privacy essentials you need on any device with just one download.

Seems like a natural extension of what DuckDuckGo is already known for. Nice work.

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RE: True and OSnews got a D
by Gargyle on Wed 24th Jan 2018 11:04 UTC in reply to "True and OSnews got a D"
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That might be because some first-party javascript files are hardlinked via HTTP (not HTTPS!), even when you open OSNews via HTTPS. Most modern browsers block such requests, because they are unsafe.

Thus the website commenting and voting system is broken because it relies upon said javascript files.

In general, this website requires MAJOR overhauling. The design is almost fifteen years old, or at least feels that old. Nothing responsive, nothing adhering to modern HTML or CSS standards. And I'm well aware that this hasn't been dealt with because there aren't any funds. But boy, I'd REALLY like this site to get a new wrapper, because the current one is starting to become annoying to use.

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