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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Firefox Quantum continues to make news as Mozilla incorporates even more innovative technology into the platform. The development team behind the WebExtensions architecture is no exception, landing a slew of new API and improvements that can now be found in Firefox 59 (just released to the Beta channel).

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Tab hiding....
by TemporalBeing on Sat 27th Jan 2018 06:49 UTC
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Interesting reading that and how much attention they gave to it. In part, it's a feature directly requested by the folks behind TabGroups and similar extensions because the WebExtensions API broke them outright with FFv57, and users like myself are waiting for those extensions to be fixed before we update, trying other solutions (f.e Chrome) in the meantime but not really finding a good solution.

Glad to see it landing; hopefully they'll work it out and we can have the awesome experience of TabGroups/etc again.

I, for one, really miss TabGroups on up-to-date browsers.

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