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Following the publication last year of the data collected by Windows 10's built-in telemetry and diagnostic tracking, Microsoft today announced that the next major Windows 10 update, due around March or April, will support a new app, the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, that will allow Windows users to browse and inspect the data that the system has collected.

While I doubt this tool will alleviate any of the concerns some people have over Windows 10's data collection, it does at least give some insight into what's being sent to Microsoft - assuming, that is, you trust the reporting to be truthful and accurate.

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RE[2]: Trusted Computing Really ???
by user78 on Sat 27th Jan 2018 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Trusted Computing "
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i notice big difference between 2 OS'es that on any WIndows PC, i tested your theory, i download a torrent movie to prove my point on both worlds...on windows, somehow i notice heavy HDD activity and net than any UNIX-like os....on apple and linux hdd activity since i am root user that only user have access while apple its disabled but that can be tweak to turn on, its security protocols to protect the users make changes to the os drivers and libs....nothing more but apple is inch closer to removed it due to large hackintosh community keep on messing with their proprietary stuff for AMD cpu's...they don't want AMD boxes that ruined their business with Intel partnership...but my point is i got letter from my ISP of warning me not download anymore movies on windows send data to isp while apple data been sent and neither any Unix-like due to its kernel is foreign on the net...

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