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Following the publication last year of the data collected by Windows 10's built-in telemetry and diagnostic tracking, Microsoft today announced that the next major Windows 10 update, due around March or April, will support a new app, the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, that will allow Windows users to browse and inspect the data that the system has collected.

While I doubt this tool will alleviate any of the concerns some people have over Windows 10's data collection, it does at least give some insight into what's being sent to Microsoft - assuming, that is, you trust the reporting to be truthful and accurate.

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RE[3]: Trusted Computing
by dionicio on Sun 28th Jan 2018 01:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Trusted Computing "
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We Can Always Keep On without truth.

But every time it happens, We are at War.

I'm quite upset at the policies of the industry. But wouldn't like to start a digital War.

We NEED, to fix this, to make the Military Internet, finally Civilian.

Our colective futures depend on it.

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