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Today we're taking a major step to simplify online privacy with the launch of fully revamped versions of our browser extension and mobile app, now with built-in tracker network blocking, smarter encryption, and, of course, private search - all designed to operate seamlessly together while you search and browse the web. Our updated app and extension are now available across all major platforms - Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iOS, and Android - so that you can easily get all the privacy essentials you need on any device with just one download.

Seems like a natural extension of what DuckDuckGo is already known for. Nice work.

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RE[4]: True and OSnews got a D
by zima on Tue 30th Jan 2018 18:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: True and OSnews got a D"
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Hiring devs would be probably necessary at least to import all old articles and comments into new site ...I know I would very much prefer that.

(and I guess I hope that there will still be the bug/feature that, with a little editing of HTML, allows me now to comment 7 days after story date when the cutoff is supposedly 5 days ;) )

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