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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Firefox Quantum continues to make news as Mozilla incorporates even more innovative technology into the platform. The development team behind the WebExtensions architecture is no exception, landing a slew of new API and improvements that can now be found in Firefox 59 (just released to the Beta channel).

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by StephenBeDoper on Tue 30th Jan 2018 23:46 UTC
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Sadly, I have to walk back my praise/"it's no so bad" comment from earlier ( The TabHunter plugin has been updated, and the new version doesn't support configurable keyboard shortcuts - it defaults to Alt-Shift-T on Windows, which (if you have the menu bar enabled) conflicts with the keyboard shortcut to open the Tools menu.

And the ItsAllText addon has stopped working entirely - which is a deal breaker for me, because trying to write code in a textarea is, to me, akin to trying to type while wearing mittens. I tried TextEditorAnywhere - and while it has the advantage of working with any application (and not just textareas in browsers), it seems much less reliable in terms of tracking which file goes with which browser tab/form field (so it's effectively unusable if, E.g., editing multiple CMS templates at a time).

The "Quantum" updates certainly make Firefox noticeably faster/more responsive - but after having spent the better part of a year recovering from De Quervian's Syndrome in both hands (tendonitis at the base of the thumb), I'll happily take a more efficient UI over a more responsive one.

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