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Essential - the phone company led by Android co-founder Andy Rubin - has had some difficulty in getting a stable 8.0 Oreo update released. After three beta releases, the company is not quite satisfied that the update is ready for general release. Because of these protracted issues, Essential has announced plans to skip the 8.0 release entirely in favor of 8.1, which will "push the public release back a couple weeks," according to the company.

Not even a phone with close to stock Android, built by the very same person who developed Android in the first place, can be updated to a newer Android release without delays, stability issues, and general problems - to the point where they're skipping a version altogether.

Android is a mess.

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RE: A hot mess
by avgalen on Thu 1st Feb 2018 09:44 UTC in reply to "A hot mess"
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I still get complements on my Z30 when people see it. "That's a BlackBerry?"

They are even more astounded when I show them how the HUB functions.

And sadly, they are being impressed with my 4.5 year old phone.

It also sadly revels some of the marketing failures on BB's behalf. They should have not relied on carriers at all and just sold all devices direct and unlocked.

I am in a similar position "rocking" my 4 year old Nokia 1520 with Windows 10 Mobile. It was sold directly and unlocked and also had some unique features that iOS and Android still don't have and that surprise people. However, my wife started to have some problems with her 1520 and I gave her a OnePlus 5T for her birthday. There are so many more things that do work great on that phone (apps, internationalization, speed, customization) that far outweigh the benefits older "unique" devices like ours have. Selling direct and unlocked didn't do much for Nokia/Microsoft and wouldn't have done much for BlackBerry either.

We also have no idea which Android version it is running. It came with a "custom named/numbered OS" that got a 80 MB update that installed in a minute and we have no idea what it did. I am guessing it will be Android 7.x but so far there has simply been no reason to care about that version which is very surprising for nerds/geeks like her and me.

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