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Amiga & AROS

The Faery Tale Adventure was a computer game that I created for the Amiga in 1987. It was moderately popular for its day, and was ported to a number of platforms, including MS-DOS and the Sega Genesis.

I decided to write this account because, much to my surprise, there is still interest in the game - I occasionally get fan email or inquiries as to whether there will ever be a sequel. And so I thought it might be interesting to tell the story of how the game came to be, and what happened afterwards.

An account by David Joiner of a game he wrote for the Amiga. One of those stories that's just fun to read, no ifs and buts. Grab a coffee and enjoy.

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Loved it
by filmamigo on Fri 2nd Feb 2018 01:00 UTC
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I loved Faery Tale on the Amiga - one of my favourites that I played for hours and hours. I was a budding programmer and had started drafting a similar game for the C128. When I got an Amiga and saw Faery Tale it was everything and more that I wanted to accomplish.

It’s worth reading through the article to Part 3, where the author discusses making a sequel. I love the quasi-3D projection that he is working up. I’d love to see a fresh game that doesn’t rely on an off-the-shelf game engine like Unreal. Gaming is missing that sense of new and different experiences when every game is built using the same couple of engines.

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