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Amiga & AROS

The Faery Tale Adventure was a computer game that I created for the Amiga in 1987. It was moderately popular for its day, and was ported to a number of platforms, including MS-DOS and the Sega Genesis.

I decided to write this account because, much to my surprise, there is still interest in the game - I occasionally get fan email or inquiries as to whether there will ever be a sequel. And so I thought it might be interesting to tell the story of how the game came to be, and what happened afterwards.

An account by David Joiner of a game he wrote for the Amiga. One of those stories that's just fun to read, no ifs and buts. Grab a coffee and enjoy.

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RE: Loved it
by Alfman on Fri 2nd Feb 2018 05:03 UTC in reply to "Loved it"
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It’s worth reading through the article to Part 3, where the author discusses making a sequel. I love the quasi-3D projection that he is working up. I’d love to see a fresh game that doesn’t rely on an off-the-shelf game engine like Unreal. Gaming is missing that sense of new and different experiences when every game is built using the same couple of engines.

Yea, but there are more developers able to produce game engines than there is a need for them. I suspect many of us may have worked on game engines as pet projects before having to get a real job to pay the bills. Like a lot of things, the trend has been mass consolidation with huge shares of the market being gobbled up by a few at the very top.

I think the author in the article was spot on, he could do it, but it would be a labor of love, not something that would make economic sense. Since he's retiring soon and by his own accounts doesn't need money, he could do it just for fun if he gets bored with retirement.

Personally, I feel like I have so many "retirement" projects I'd love to work on, but then there's a very real possibility I'll never earn enough to do so ;)

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