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Essential - the phone company led by Android co-founder Andy Rubin - has had some difficulty in getting a stable 8.0 Oreo update released. After three beta releases, the company is not quite satisfied that the update is ready for general release. Because of these protracted issues, Essential has announced plans to skip the 8.0 release entirely in favor of 8.1, which will "push the public release back a couple weeks," according to the company.

Not even a phone with close to stock Android, built by the very same person who developed Android in the first place, can be updated to a newer Android release without delays, stability issues, and general problems - to the point where they're skipping a version altogether.

Android is a mess.

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android is a mess ...
by p13. on Fri 2nd Feb 2018 08:27 UTC
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You keep saying that Thom ...

But in the meantime, it sure is a very successful "mess".

Android caters to OEMs. The very same OEMs that want to sell phones and tablets, not support them forever for free.
These are not PCs for which you can just download an OS and install it.

8.0 never was very stable. That's why they are skipping it. There have been ios releases with pretty horrible bugs as well, and they only have their own platform to worry about ...

Despite all of it's flaws, i like android. It works well. It is available on anything from dirt cheap smart phones to upscale 12 inch tablets and still manages to work just fine on any of them.

You don't like android. We get it.

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