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Mac OS X

When users attempt to launch a 32-bit app in 10.13.4, it will still launch, but it will do so with a warning message notifying the user that the app will eventually not be compatible with the operating system unless it is updated. This follows the same approach that Apple took with iOS, which completed its sunset of 32-bit app support with iOS 11 last fall.

This is good. I would prefer other companies, too, take a more aggressive approach towards deprecating outdated technology in consumer technology.

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Windows 10 should do the same thing
by rklrkl on Sun 4th Feb 2018 11:03 UTC
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It's about time one of these Windows 10 big updates did a similar thing and warned of the deprecation of 32-bit support. It still annoys me that because there's no schedule to do so, we're *still* seeing 32-bit-only new applications being released.

I've been on 64-bit desktops in Linux and Windows since 2005 and Linux is so much further down the 64-bit road than pitiful Windows is.

At the very least, Microsoft should pull all 32-bit Windows 10 ISOs to stop it being installed on new kit (how many years has it been since a new desktop or laptop wasn't capable of running a 64-bit OS? Must be well over 5 years now).

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