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Mac OS X

When users attempt to launch a 32-bit app in 10.13.4, it will still launch, but it will do so with a warning message notifying the user that the app will eventually not be compatible with the operating system unless it is updated. This follows the same approach that Apple took with iOS, which completed its sunset of 32-bit app support with iOS 11 last fall.

This is good. I would prefer other companies, too, take a more aggressive approach towards deprecating outdated technology in consumer technology.

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RE[3]: And what about....
by ahferroin7 on Mon 5th Feb 2018 12:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: And what about...."
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Um, hardware isn't an issue to the degree you would think. The only big hardware issue is that they insist on using Intel GPU's on most of their systems except the Mac Pro's, but even that isn't as much of a handicap as you would think (the only recent triple-A game I've seen that doesn't run well enough to play on a 6th or 7th gen Core i5's integrated GPU is Evolve Stage 2. 2016 DOOM, Warframe, Overwatch, Borderlands (except the first which has a shitty renderer), Mass Effect (again, except for the first), Saints Row, Assassin's Creed, and most MMO's all get a reasonable 40-50 FPS on the low settings on a 6th-gen i5's iGPU, which is absolutely playable despite what most hard-core gamers might say).

The issue for most people with gaming on macOS is the insane latency in the input drivers. Apple's stock keyboards have some of the lowest hardware latency around, but their input layer is so bad that it pushes the latency to almost double what you see on Windows or Linux, and near triple what most console systems have.

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