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In November last year I wrote about the forgotten and obscure feature of early Windows 95 builds that lets you run Windows 3.1 in a window on Windows 95. Since then I was wondering if this would still work on the final build (950) of Windows 95, considering so much has changed since build 58s.

I won't spoil it.

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RE: Reminds me of OS/2 2.0
by galvanash on Tue 6th Feb 2018 03:47 UTC in reply to "Reminds me of OS/2 2.0"
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Once you have MSDOS virtualized there is very little left to do to be honest... Windows 3.1 was basically a DOS application. The only obstacles are presenting it with compatible virtualized hardware (video card, sound card, etc.) with working windows drivers for them.

You can still do this on Windows 10 if you like btw, just use dosbox:

Or if your nostalgic and want to do it the old school way (and can get your hands on the version of WINOS that OS/2 used with DPMI support) you can use dosemu on Linux to do it (this has worked for like 20 years)

Of course nowadays there is little point as dosbox exists on Linux now...

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