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OS/2 and eComStation

You have no idea how much effort went into getting this stupid white square on the screen.

If this one hell of a lede doesn't get your attention, nothing will.

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pointless nitpicking by me ...
by Rugxulo on Thu 22nd Feb 2018 01:07 UTC
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the OS/2 port of GCC that I used in high school (2.8.1! It doesn't
even support Pentium 1 instructions!) started running

Just to state the obvious, there isn't much practical difference (for compilers) between 386/486/586. (Although I think DJGPP's libc's uclock() will try RDTSC and trap SIGILL if not available.) Although 2.8.1 was the first official GNU release to support Pentium tuning (reordering instructions to cater to U and V pipes).

Second: I don't have a way to generate 16-bit code with GCC


"Fork of Lambertsen & Jenner (& al.)'s IA-16 (Intel 16-bit x86) port of GNU compilers -- added preliminary far pointer support"


Not totally finalized yet, but it's a start.

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