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Flaky failures are the worst. In this particular investigation, which spanned twenty months, we suspected hardware failure, compiler bugs, linker bugs, and other possibilities. Jumping too quickly to blaming hardware or build tools is a classic mistake, but in this case the mistake was that we weren’t thinking big enough. Yes, there was a linker bug, but we were also lucky enough to have hit a Windows kernel bug which is triggered by linkers!

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NT is still garbage
by tidux on Mon 26th Feb 2018 22:04 UTC
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> Building Chrome very quickly causes CcmExec.exe to leak process handles. Each build can leak up to 1,600 process handles and about 100 MB. That becomes a problem when you do 300+ builds in a weekend – bye bye to ~32 GB of RAM, consumed by zombies. I now run a loop that periodically kills CcmExec.exe to mitigate this, and Microsoft is working on a fix.

What the actual fuck? This would be considered unacceptable on Haiku, let alone Linux or OpenBSD.

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