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Microsoft is once again tackling privacy concerns around Windows 10 today. The software giant is releasing a new test build of Windows 10 to Windows Insiders today that includes changes to the privacy controls for the operating system. While most privacy settings have been confined to a single screen with multiple options, Microsoft is testing a variety of ways that will soon change.

There have been some concerns that Windows 10 has a built-in “keylogger,” because the operating system uses typing data to improve autocompletion, next word prediction, and spelling correction. Microsoft’s upcoming spring update for Windows 10 will introduce a separate screen to enable improved inking and typing recognition, and allow users to opt-out of sending inking and typing data to Microsoft.

I doubt any of these changes will reassure people who refuse to use Windows because of privacy concerns.

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They don't get a pass. Each different article gets comment pointing out the same thing, always about the other companies. Collect them all and nobody gets a pass.

This is so true. I notice it quite a lot. It's like how the president and his representatives are constantly pivotting to divert legitimate criticism (esp kellyanne conway). It's so painfully blatant at times when they deflect and avoid serious accusations by blaming hilary or obama instead of seriously addressing the criticism as it applies to them. This can be infuriating to someone trying to stay on point, to say the least, but obviously that's the intention. I don't know if it's coincidental or not, but I am noticing this tactic more in online discussions. Maybe I am just becoming more perceptive of it too.

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