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As of Chrome 64, Chrome for Windows is compiled with Clang. We now use Clang to build Chrome for all platforms it runs on: macOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and Windows. Windows is the platform with the second most Chrome users after Android according to statcounter, which made this switch particularly exciting.

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RE[5]: slow decline of GCC ?
by Kochise on Thu 8th Mar 2018 13:48 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: slow decline of GCC ?"
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Yup, try different gcc versions, forks, branches, vendor revisions, one might by chance fit your need for your project. But you might have to walk the same trial and error path to find the suitable gcc incarnation for another project.

Or just switch to a mature compiler that is not fuzzy and ticklish, no leaves gaping holes open for years, implement the standard correctly without implementing "extensions" that are not compatible with the competition.

Bref, a suitable 3rd millennium compliant compiler. Not a thing from the past.

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