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Windows With speculation of a ship date for Windows Vista ranging in the second part of 2006, word has surprisingly surfaced that it can be expected much earlier. BusinessWeek has received a copy of the internal blog of Chris Jones, who is a top Windows executive. The blog states that the code for Windows Vista will be completed by August 31, giving Microsoft the opportunity to place Vista on PCs for the 2006 Christmas season.
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RE[2]: Who cares?
by leos on Sun 27th Nov 2005 19:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Who cares?"
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Almost half of the people I know with LCD monitors run them below the native resolution because otherwise text is too hard for them to see.

The "point" unit for specifying text sizes is a physical unit (1/72"). This means that your screen resolution shouldn't affect the text size at all. In other words, a 10 pt font on a 800x600 resolution should be EXACTLY the same size as a 10 pt font on a 1900x1200 resolution screen. If it isn't, then you don't have your DPI set up correctly. Here's how to fix it:
In Windows
1. Right click desktop, click properties, then settings tab.
2. Click advanced, then choose "custom" from the DPI dropdown menu.
3. Hold a ruler up to the screen, and drag the ruler in the dialog until they match.
4. Ok, Ok, Ok, Reboot.

In Linux
1. Set the DisplaySize line (or add it if you dont have one) in the xorg.conf file to the correct physical size of your display in millimeters (WxH)
2. Restart X

Done, now your fonts are configured correctly.

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