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Microsoft is once again tackling privacy concerns around Windows 10 today. The software giant is releasing a new test build of Windows 10 to Windows Insiders today that includes changes to the privacy controls for the operating system. While most privacy settings have been confined to a single screen with multiple options, Microsoft is testing a variety of ways that will soon change.

There have been some concerns that Windows 10 has a built-in “keylogger,” because the operating system uses typing data to improve autocompletion, next word prediction, and spelling correction. Microsoft’s upcoming spring update for Windows 10 will introduce a separate screen to enable improved inking and typing recognition, and allow users to opt-out of sending inking and typing data to Microsoft.

I doubt any of these changes will reassure people who refuse to use Windows because of privacy concerns.

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RE[6]: Comment by Drumhellar
by Alfman on Thu 8th Mar 2018 21:13 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Drumhellar"
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However, Microsoft, unlike Google, Apple and Facebook (and the NSA), actually released a tool that allows you to see what data they collect-- But the general consensus is that they're lying, with no proof whatsoever.

If someone can prove there's data being collected by Microsoft that they aren't revealing in their data diagnostic tool, then that's news. That's evidence of further misbehavior.

So far, no one has produced such evidence.

I actually think everyone's mostly in agreement, it's just that we're focusing on different parts of the truth. You would be right to claim that there's no evidence that microsoft is lying about the data collection, however no one here on osnews has asserted the opposite. What has been asserted is that what microsoft's claims cannot be verified because the code is proprietary. Both of these can be simultaneously true, so IMHO there's no reason for there to be a disagreement about it.

The government does it, your ISP does it, every web advertiser does it, Facebook, Google, and Apple does it-- Nothing you do on the web is a secret. Accept it, and move on.

Well, if a company claims XYZ to be true, then XYZ had better be true otherwise it may merit a lawsuit.

Microsoft is, theoretically, being more transparent than any of those organizations, so why the hatred for Microsoft?

But it's NOT just never has been. In fact even in the post to which you responded, tomchr explicitly named apple and google guilty as well. As patrix pointed out, this seems to happen a lot when some company goes under the microscope: "Why the hatred for <X>? Why aren't we criticizing <others>?" The truth is that every week we DO criticize google, apple, facebook, etc. Just because it's microsoft's turn doesn't mean we're giving other companies a pass. People CAN criticize microsoft without being hypocrites about it!

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