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If you blink during Apple’s latest iPhone ad, you might miss a weird little animation bug. It’s right at the end of a slickly produced commercial, where the text from an iMessage escapes the animated bubble it’s supposed to stay inside. It’s a minor issue and easy to brush off, but the fact it’s captured in such a high profile ad just further highlights Apple’s many bugs in iOS 11.

The fact Apple's marketing department signed off on this ad with such a bug in it is baffling.

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RE[2]: It is insane
by atsureki on Sat 17th Mar 2018 15:27 UTC in reply to "RE: It is insane"
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2006-03-12 it really a thing in any shop for the devs to decide when a ticket is done instead of QA?

I mean they have the option to hit that button, but if the PM or team manager notices, there will be questions.

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