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I stumbled upon an absolute gem of a website over the weekend - Sophie Haskins' Pizza Box Computer. On this site, Haskins details a number of ancient non-x86 workstations. All of the posts on the site are fun and interesting reads, so let's pick one of her machines - a DEC Multia running Windows NT for Alpha -

The Multia was an attempt by Digital to make a lower-cost Alpha workstation for running Windows NT. There were Alpha and Intel Pentium models, and they use a lot of off-the-shelf PC components rather than custom Digital ones (hence its later name, the "Universal Desktop Box"). It's quite tiny - so much so that it has laptop PCMCIA slots for expansion!

The latest post details getting Windows NT up and running on the Multia, and is certainly worth a read - like the rest of the site.

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So better support than PowerPC ?

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