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New to Android Studio 3.1 is a C++ performance profiler to help troubleshoot performance bottlenecks in your app code. For those of you with a Room or SQLite database in their your app, we added better code editor support to aid in your SQL table and query creation statements. We also added better lint support for your Kotlin code, and accelerated your testing with an updated Android Emulator with Quick Boot.

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Instant Run is broken
by codewrangler on Thu 29th Mar 2018 18:03 UTC
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If you are using 3.01 and updating to 3.1, beware that 'Instant Run' seems to be broken. The workaround is just to turn off 'Instant Run'...not an ideal solution.

The 3.2c8 Preview version on the 'Canary' channel doesn't seem to have this issue, but has other issues with the built APK...I have not had time to fully investigate this, however.

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