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Today marks the initial start of AMD's pre-sale of 2nd Generation Ryzen processors. The full launch is set for April 19th, which is when reviews and performance numbers will be officially available, but today we are able to tell you a bit about the processors that are coming, as well as some pictures, and link readers to where they can pre-order. We're not overly fond of manufacturers offering pre-orders before revealing performance numbers, as with the Threadripper launch last year, however we can at least discuss the details of each part.

Good to see AMD continue improving Ryzen.

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A Ryzen 1700X may be a little bit overkill for a NAS. But I was fed up with the Bobcat E-350 I was using before.

Do you know how slow an "efficient" NAS is? I was lucky to hit 60 MB/s in file transfers over gigabit.

Now with the Ryzen and its X370-Pro motherboard all 6 drives have a full speed SATA link and it can copy files over encrypted connections at 110 MB/s aka 990 Mbps on gigabit.

Overkill is very very nice.

The power usage is not that bad. Measured by the UPS, with the E-350 it was about 25W at idle and now it's 55W. Ryzen is pretty good about power use. I suspect the RAM and motherboard use more watts themselves than the smaller system did.

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