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Mac OS X "In 2005, Apple announced the Mac Mini. It was the answer to what I was looking for in a computer, so I bought one. This is a report about the early months with my new Mac, and how it compares to a Linux computer (I have never owned a Windows computer). In short, I am now both a Mac and a Linux user - Apple gets GUI simplicity, usability, and coherency right, and Linux everything else."
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The man is a lunatic
by geopapl on Sun 27th Nov 2005 23:12 UTC
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"Poor file type identification"
"MacOS is filled to the gills with arcane keyboard shortcuts"
"FreeBSD is a little quaint. It doesn't even have a /proc filesystem"
"network services are sparse (no rsh)"
"Objective-C is a quasi-proprietary language"
"The Mach-like microkernel is a proprietary addition"
"Apple has this open-source fig leaf going but they are careful to never release anything that might be actually useful"

and the winner is...
"They should have used X11"

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