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It looked like Windows 10 build 17133 was going to be blessed as the 1803 update, but that plan has been derailed. Though the build was pushed out to Windows Insiders on the release preview ring - an action that, in the past, has indicated that a build is production ready - it turns out that it had a bug causing blue screens of death.

Microsoft could likely have addressed the situation with an incremental update, but for whatever reason, it didn't. Instead, we have a new build, 17134. This build is identical to 17133 except that it fixes the particular crashing issue. Fast ring Insiders have the build now, and it should trickle out to Slow ring and Release Preview ring shortly. If all goes well, the build will then make its way out to regular Windows users on the stable release channel.

Microsoft's various rings for Windows testing seem to be really paying off. They give testers a lot of flexibility in just how bleeding edge they wish to be, and they make it very easy to change between the various levels, while also providing people like me - who really don't have the time to actively test and report bugs - a safe and easy way to get big updates a few weeks before it hits mainstream.

So basically what Linux distributions have been doing for two decades.

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RE[2]: what a turgid experience
by zlynx on Fri 20th Apr 2018 19:21 UTC in reply to "RE: what a turgid experience"
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I did a fresh Fedora Linux 27 install on a new laptop recently.

After installing it had 1.5 GB of updates to install.

Why did I bother downloading the install image if everything is going to be different?

Might be nice if more distributions had an option to download an install image with updated packages.

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