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Apple has officially ended development on its AirPort line of products, which includes the AirPort Express ($99), the AirPort Extreme ($199), and the AirPort Time Capsule ($299).

This makes me sad. I have the latest AirPort Extreme, and it's one of those products I have absolutely zero complaints about. It's easy to use, works like a charm, has far better performance than any other router I've ever had, and looks unassuming. If it ever fails. I'll probably take a look at something like Eero.

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Years of inattention
by wocowboy on Fri 27th Apr 2018 10:10 UTC
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For the past 4-5 years, Apple has blatantly and quite obviously neglected, forgotten about, or just plain ignored a good chunk of their product line. Products like the iMac, Macbook, and mini have languished with ancient internals and no design changes at all. The new iPad they just released comes with the exact same display that my now-ancient 2012 iPad Air has in it! The only differences between the two are a newer processor (a past year's model) and Pencil support.

What have they been doing during this time period? Building the new spaceship headquarters, that's what. The coincidence of these two things just cannot be accidental. I think that Apple pretty much shut down nearly all product advancement 4 years ago to focus on the new building and getting themselves moved into it, and once that is complete, we will begin to see new and revised-at-last products. At least that is my hope. Going to my local Apple store and seeing nothing but products like the Mac Mini that has not been updated a bit in 4 years yet is still being sold for the same price is just sad.

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