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After the recent news about Linux applications coming to Chrome OS, we now also know what they will look like.

The Chrome OS developers have been working out the stylistic elements of what you'll see once you open your first native Linux apps in Chrome OS, and they've opted for Adapta, a popular Material Design-inspired Gtk theme that can be used on many of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions.

This project may finally make Linux on the desktop happen.

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RE[2]: Exciting
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I guess it's all about your preference. I just sold my nVidia Shield tablet (along with the bluetooth keyboard) earlier this month because it saw significantly less use since I bought the Chromebook on black Friday.

My first "tiny" form factor was an Asus Eee PC back in 2007. Since then, I've owned a lot of tablets and netbooks. Tablets are nice, but I have to often write/reply to emails and review documents when I'm traveling. To do that on a tablet, I have to carry yet another gadget (the keyboard). And now that most Chromebooks support the Play Store, I see no reason to prefer a tablet.

I purchased the Samsung Chromebook 3 for $120 on Black Friday so that I could test it's capabilities. I did not want to invest $200+ on something I didn't know I was going to like. By January the only reason I was picking up the tablet was to attach it to the charger.

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