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Eric Lundgren is resigned to doing prison time. After spending his life working on e-waste recycling programs, Lundgren was arrested and charged with "counterfeiting" Microsoft restore discs, part of a controversial, years-long legal fight that ended this week when an appeals court declined to overturn a lower court's decision.

This is one of those cases where it's very easy to hide behind the letter of the law, but anybody with more than two independent braincells to rub together should realise this man should not be in prison. Laws exist to serve man; man does not exist to serve laws. Nothing is more dangerous to a society and civilization than people believing law rules over man.

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What are the facts?
by malxau on Fri 27th Apr 2018 23:53 UTC
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Every reference I've seen about this case is an interview that presents a very one sided story about the case. What I'd really love to see is photographs of the discs at issue to see how they presented themselves to customers. The fact that multiple courts have reached this conclusion makes me think that people who have seen them thought something wasn't right.

What I'm imagining is what's on ebay today. Take something like this: .

* It's presented to closely mirror the original product, although it is labelled as not containing a key.
* The packaging contains many trademarks, which are almost certainly not licensed.
* It's selling for $15-16, which is far higher than the cost of production implying somebody is doing this for profit, not to reduce e-waste.
* It's also an obscure SKU which makes it fairly unlikely that the people buying it actually have that product.

How does this relate to Lundgren? Without seeing the actual products he was trading in, no idea. But there are clearly people out there making significant money from selling discs containing software they don't have licenses for, and for whom money seems like the primary motivation.

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