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After the recent news about Linux applications coming to Chrome OS, we now also know what they will look like.

The Chrome OS developers have been working out the stylistic elements of what you'll see once you open your first native Linux apps in Chrome OS, and they've opted for Adapta, a popular Material Design-inspired Gtk theme that can be used on many of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions.

This project may finally make Linux on the desktop happen.

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RE[2]: Exciting
by emerson999 on Sat 28th Apr 2018 03:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Exciting"
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I have one of those RCA tablets and an R11 chromebok. The RCA is lacking in a whole lot of ways. The biggest is that they can't be rooted. That wouldn't be such a huge deal if not for a couple other things. Namely 32 bit arm and only coming with 1 GB ram.

Lack of rooting means you can't fix some issues that google forces on you. In particular having to click "desktop site" over, and over and over again with android's chrome. Firefox gets around that, but chokes on too many things at the moment.

Next easy solution would simply be linux. But lack of root, again, limits things a bit. But it's not too terrible working within that limitation. Even with the 1gb ram. But then you're stuck with the fact that it's 32 bit arm. So no chromium under it. Though probably not an issue because I can't expect it'd do very well in those conditions anyway. Midori's fast enough, but it struggles with a lot of things. And firefox. Well, it's 1 gb ram. It runs better than I'd expect. But it's still pretty rough.

Normal laptop? Not really an option if you want android apps as well. abox is still very far from being usable for most things. Sure, you could dual boot. But that's a pretty big pain.

To top it off, the battery life is horrible. The smaller models only get about four hours. And the larger something like 2 or 3.

Meanwhile the R11 runs with a pretty small footprint by default and has a good battery life. Then as needed it can scale up to android apps, linux distros running alongside it and wine under either the android or linux systems depending on need.

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