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The billionaire chief executive of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, is planning to leave the company after clashing with its parent, Facebook, over the popular messaging service’s strategy and Facebook's attempts to use its personal data and weaken its encryption, according to people familiar with internal discussions.

As the most popular messaging application in the world, WhatsApp is one of the largest treasure troves of user data not yet exploited for targeted advertising thanks to its end-to-end encryption. Facebook must be itching to start injecting ads into WhatsApp and to scan messages for optimal targeting.

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RE: Care about their users
by slashdev on Tue 1st May 2018 14:01 UTC in reply to "Care about their users"
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To be devils advocate for a moment; CEOs (specifically the ones that innovate) are very good at self deluding, its part of why some end up billionaires...taking pretty dumb/wild risks that happen to pay off (see Elon Musk), ignoring honest criticism on their paths. They probably were honestly convinced that they protected their product, because they have the 'best people' looking over contracts. "All those other companies facebook screwed over? they just werent as good as us! We're different!". I mean, why stick around otherwise, to watch their hard work get dismantled?

Also, facebook probably masterfully crafted the contract, I am sure there were clauses like " better integrate into the facebook family of products" or time based ones like "Our team of experienced and devoted developers will handle all updates after 3 years, and will definitely keep with the 'spirit' of WhatsApp, honest".

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