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When Analog Devices released their SDR transciever AD9361 in 2013 - it was a revolution in digital radio. SDR's were there before, but only now you can have it all: 2 channels for TX and RX with onboard 12-bit DAC/ADCs with 56MHz of RF simultanious bandwidth, local oscillators, mixers and LNA - all working in the range from 70 (TX from 47) to 6000Mhz. Using AD9361 out of the box one could implement almost any useful digital radio, with the rare exceptions of UWB and 60GHz. You only need to add data source/sink (which is still often an FPGA), external filters and PA if your task requires it.

Finally I was able to take a look inside and peek at manufacturing cost of a microelectronic device with such an exceptional added value.

This is a little over my head, but I love the pretty pictures.

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RE: SDR Radio
by Anon on Tue 29th May 2018 11:57 UTC in reply to "SDR Radio"
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Very interesting, that sounds like you have implemented 'even more software SDR' than this chip in this article, which seems to be a well designed ASIC. Are you doing signal processing on x86 hardware or something?

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