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Office today has a whole bunch of versions - the traditional, fully featured Win32 desktop applications and their near counterparts on the Mac, along with various simpler versions for the Web, mobile, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Presently, these various incarnations all have similarities in their interfaces, but they're far from consistent.

That's set to change. Microsoft is overhauling the interfaces of all the Office versions to bring a much more consistent look and feel across the various platforms that the applications support. This new interface will have three central elements.

I use Office every day, and I just want one thing from Microsoft: the ability to open multiple instances of the UWP Office applications. The UWP version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are faster, smoother, and easier to use than their slow, cumbersome Win32 counterparts. I'm convinced the only reason Microsoft artificially limits the UWP versions to one instance per app is so they won't tread on the hallowed, sacred Win32 ground.

It's high time Microsoft removes this purely artificial limitation.

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RE[2]: Or tabs?
by daveak on Fri 15th Jun 2018 11:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Or tabs?"
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I already have a multi document interface, it is called separate windows that play nicely with multiple monitors and behave like the rest of the windows in my system. MDI was, and still is in Excel, horrible to use. Given Windows is now copying macOS in allowing creating tabs from multiple windows of the same application (yes other systems probably did this earlier) then we have both tabs and separate windows available now. Hopefully no one will make the mistake of going backwards to MDI.

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