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Gnome "Yes, the day is finally upon us. As I promised when I announced our future development plans, here's the actual Galeon 2.0 release. Its' been about 3 years and 8 months since work began on the 1.3.x development series and it's been unofficially stable for about half that time - so this acknowledgement of that fact is well past due."
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by TheMatt on Mon 28th Nov 2005 16:02 UTC
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Yeah, Galeon 1.2 was the browser of choice back in the day. It was amazing just how much better it was than Mozilla and all the others. I suffered through 1.3 for a bit until I discovered Firefox+extensions.

You can see how amazing Galeon was when you consider the number of extensions it takes to get a current Firefox to ol' Galeon level. Mouse gestures, movable tabs, all sorts of things were built-in. It's only with Firefox 1.5 that we get movable tabs.

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