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General Development The ICT-Business is known for strategic terms. One of those terms, which was used quite a lot over this year, is services. The term is interpretable; however, the focus was on technical concepts implemented to serve for a sharply rendered use case, like managing user data and authentication. Services in that sense are served over a type of network. Despite the first impression, they are not served to a user but to a calling application. This client utilizes one or more services for internal purposes. Though, the user may be expected to provide data (the password, for example) or to wait and receive a gathered result.
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by miro on Mon 28th Nov 2005 17:09 UTC
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1) No idea how Eclipse is related to DBUS
2) Wouldn't it be easier if both xine and totem would register with a well known org.gnome.mixer service?

On the otherhand, some kind of store could be needed, both DCOM (registry), CORBA and Internet(DNS) have one (for good reasons).

There could be service org.freedesktop.dns, with a known interface that could answer questions like: "give me all printer spoolers", etc.

So let's talk:)

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