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BeOS & Derivatives

The Rust programming language belongs to the category of modern programming languages that aim to provide a reliable and safe alternative to C and C++. In the past few years, few people have been working on getting the compiler, and the other build tools to our platform. And in fact, since Rust 1.0 there have been reasonably working binary packages for building Rust projects on Haiku.

With the recent addition of Rust 1.27.0 in the HaikuPorts repository, I thought it would be good to do a short, public write-up of the current state of Rust on Haiku, and some insight into the future.

Two BeOS/Haiku items on the same day. Today was a good day.

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Making it a level 1 stage is a significantly greater duty - guides on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - as you really require an objective framework to run tests on, and all progressions would be gated on tests passing.

I have to admit:
That was an interesting attempt at dumping your spam-link here...

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