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Windows Microsft has made hard statements about perfomance improvements in Longhorn. They claim that applications will load 15% faster than in XP, while boot time is decreased by 50%. They also claimed that Longhorn will be able to wake up from sleep in 2 seconds. Users should also expect half as many reboots during patching. Time to dust of those trustworthy stopwatches.
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RE[2]: We'll see...
by zlynx on Wed 20th Jul 2005 02:52 UTC in reply to "RE: We'll see..."
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Especially with the 'alternatives' coming up way short in most arenas I consider important. Font Rendering (Cleartype kicks EVERYTHING else's ass, ESPECIALLY freetype)

I use Gentoo Linux and Gnome on LCDs with subpixel antialiasing and the Bitstream Vera fonts. The fonts look wonderful. When I went to use Windows XP for playing Half-Life 2, I was amazed at how bad the Windows Cleartype fonts looked in comparison. I was also amazed at how badly Windows handles a 150 DPI screen (1920x1200 laptop), while Gnome applications scale without a problem.

So in summary, bad fonts are one problem the Linux alternatives don't have.

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