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General Development The ICT-Business is known for strategic terms. One of those terms, which was used quite a lot over this year, is services. The term is interpretable; however, the focus was on technical concepts implemented to serve for a sharply rendered use case, like managing user data and authentication. Services in that sense are served over a type of network. Despite the first impression, they are not served to a user but to a calling application. This client utilizes one or more services for internal purposes. Though, the user may be expected to provide data (the password, for example) or to wait and receive a gathered result.
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RE: Bonobo ?
by MightyPenguin on Mon 28th Nov 2005 18:22 UTC in reply to "Bonobo ?"
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I think the evidence shows bonobo sucks. It's a great idea but somehow not too many people seem to be using it. This all becomes clear when you compare it to kparts or kio (sorry if I messed up the names) which just plain rock and work everywhere in KDE, while bonobo doesn't seem to have that level of ubiquity.

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