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OpenBSD "After much digging online for an effective way to stop this pesky application that is highly de-centralised and a big pain to blocked, I finally found a way to do it. It has been working perfectly fine on our corporate network, and we have had no complaints of users being denied access to legitimate web destinations (that are in compliance with our security policy of course)."
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Protocol Blocking
by rajj on Mon 28th Nov 2005 19:39 UTC
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All this has resulted in is having almost everything being tunneled through port 80 in an effort to evade firewall rules. Even SOAP was designed this way to avoid firewall headaches (sigh...).

Now we have packet shapers trying to analyse traffic packet by packet for protocol signatures which, in turn,
results in everything being encypted AND tunneled through port 80.

The next logical step is to have encryption cracking packet shapers (har har har).

And the absurdity continues...

One cannot solve a social problem with technology.

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