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The US, UK, and three other governments have called on tech companies to build backdoors into their encrypted products, so that law enforcement will always be able to obtain access. If companies don't, the governments say they "may pursue technological, enforcement, legislative, or other measures" in order to get into locked devices and services.

Their statement came out of a meeting last week between nations in the Five Eyes pact, an intelligence sharing agreement between the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The nations issued a statement covering a range of technology-related issues they face, but it was their remarks on encryption that stood out the most.

Break encryption, or we'll break you.

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Comment by streetmagick
by streetmagick on Thu 6th Sep 2018 22:18 UTC
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Feudalism never died. It just got replaced by wannabes after WW1. Some died off, others persist. They kept the powerful bits for themselves and then siphoned off the decadent aspects of feudalism to Hollywood. Both make up a sham ruling class/nobility... and the same adoring public who seems to take them all at their word.

edit: Oh yeah.. security. ;) Funnily enough, I'm in the process of enabling Bitlocker. The FBI already tried pressuring MS once before about it.

Strangely, some of the military uses it, so that's actually a good sign. The last thing they'd want is a backdoor open to a civilian agency like the clowns in the FBI (and anyone who thinks the military and FBI are automatically buddies because they're part of the same government is misinformed).

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