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The US, UK, and three other governments have called on tech companies to build backdoors into their encrypted products, so that law enforcement will always be able to obtain access. If companies don't, the governments say they "may pursue technological, enforcement, legislative, or other measures" in order to get into locked devices and services.

Their statement came out of a meeting last week between nations in the Five Eyes pact, an intelligence sharing agreement between the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The nations issued a statement covering a range of technology-related issues they face, but it was their remarks on encryption that stood out the most.

Break encryption, or we'll break you.

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I'd be cool with it if the government actually followed our nation's laws : They're free to search with a warrant. Citizens are supposed to have a right to privacy. If you could trust them to respect that, it'd be OK.

...You'd have to make failsafes/backdoors in these conditions when they actually DO get a warrant though.

But now the real problem is that the government will try to find any damn way to get a warrant. And I hate to get too political, but people are going to finally see how deeply corrupt it is when they find out what they did to obtain FISA warrants on Donald Trump to smear his presidential campaign (and now presidency). If a president can't even get justice (whether you like him or not is irrelevant.. I know he's not a pleasant guy), then YOU sure as hell won't. He's being punished simply because he isn't one of the "right" people. He wasn't "supposed" to win. We've already seen a little come out on the shenanigans they tried (the Steele dossier), but there's more coming.

This should be a lesson for EVERYONE, but no one yet sees what kind of disaster it spells for themselves. They're clouded by their disgust for one guy. But that's how laws often get abused. Burn one witch.. and then suddenly you're burning thousands.

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