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The US, UK, and three other governments have called on tech companies to build backdoors into their encrypted products, so that law enforcement will always be able to obtain access. If companies don't, the governments say they "may pursue technological, enforcement, legislative, or other measures" in order to get into locked devices and services.

Their statement came out of a meeting last week between nations in the Five Eyes pact, an intelligence sharing agreement between the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The nations issued a statement covering a range of technology-related issues they face, but it was their remarks on encryption that stood out the most.

Break encryption, or we'll break you.

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Hmmmm ....
by cade on Sat 8th Sep 2018 06:36 UTC
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The military-industrial-human-genocide-project is starting to feel the "pinch".

Decades ago, when our main source of "news" was from the CRT (cathode ray tube) based "idiot box" TV, the propaganda directed from the PTB (powers-that-be) was effective in brainwashing the citizenry in accepting the notion that the "terrorists" are those "bad bad bad people" who always lived abroad in some foriegn country.

The current digital age has empowered the citizenry with informational and cryptographic resources that have threatened the PTB's multi-decadal old modern-age propaganda machine. The citizenry have started to wakeup.

For example, consider ....
- Assange's Wikileaks (Paypal restricts Wikileak donations then Assange goes crypto, etc.)
- the encrypted Telegram messenger application has been pressured by the Russian government on numerous occassions for it's encryption keys
- we now have a much more complete picture on entities that promote terrorist actions and these entities are not limited to the stereotypical "middle eastern" players we were propagandised about since the 1970's; the "west" has made great contributions to the terrorism-based loss of innocent lives (a blowback-based bloated foreign policy does not help)
- "false flags" are the norm, not the exception
- the PTB's worry about {blockchain,crypto}-based {currency, etc.} inventions.

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