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Terrence Andrew Davis, sole creator and developer of TempleOS (née LoseThos), has passed away at age 48. Davis suffered from mental illness - schizophrenia - which had a severe impact on his life. He claimed he created his operating system after having spoken with and receiving instructions from god, and he was a controversial figure, also here on OSNews, for his incomprehensible rants and abrasive style towards OSNews readers and staff. We eventually had to ban him, but our then-editor Kroc Kamen worked with him in 2010 to publish an article about his operating system despite his ban.

Davis was clearly a gifted programmer - writing an entire operating system is no small feat - and it was sad to see him affected by his mental illness. I mourn his passing, and I wish his family and friends all the strength they need in these trying times. His family and friends are asking people to donate to "organizations working to ease the pain and suffering caused by mental illness", such as The Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation or the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

I hope he found peace - wherever he may be.

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by tylerdurden on Mon 10th Sep 2018 22:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by andywoe"
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I actually do happen to have a close member of my family who suffered from this disease as well.

Schizophrenia in males is almost exclusively expressed in late teens very early twenties.

Their actions/opinions are shaped by their severely affected/compromised cognitive processes, holding them personally responsible is part of the perpetuation of the stigma and abuse many mental health patients have to endure.

You're not supposed to take personally something that a mentally ill person says. They need an environment that is compassionate enough to understand the very basic truth that the brain is just another organ and as such prone to disease.

We shouldn't take the racist rants of a schizophrenic personally just as we should not be offended because a paraplegic failed to qualify for a marathon.

This is why zero tolerance PC concern trolling bullshit is dangerous, because it can victimize those who literally need to be given a free pass.

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