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A coming revision to Chrome OS will enable Windows-compatible network browsing by default. This means that Chromebooks will be able to connect with Windows PCs just as easily as other Windows PCs do today.

A very welcome change, especially among corporate users.

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RE: Great
by Alfman on Wed 12th Sep 2018 04:56 UTC in reply to "Great"
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Now, when is Android going to get this capability?

I've been looking for a solution to this problem in vein since day one with android.

IOS/Android make it extremely difficult to access/share one's local files locally without going through a cloud service, email, or a 3rd party application, which is very frustrating. Having access to LAN is a huge productivity boost, I want all applications to support network files.

Having individual applications bundle their own CIFS stack in order to access network shares (as some do) is just stupid. Forcing us to upload/download files through a 3rd party data silo when our data is already here is also stupid, especially if we're talking about large resources and metered internet connections.

What's a shame is that linux supported CIFS out of the box since before android existed, they just never turned it on and gave us a way to use it. I frequently find myself needing to transfer files to/from the LAN and feel handicapped by this limitation every time.

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