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Windows 10 insider build 17744, which will be available in next month to the public as Windows 10 2018 October update has warned a user when he tries to install Firefox browser to open and use Microsoft Edge. We know Windows 10 nudges to use Edge as the default browser, but this is definitely different. A user shared about this on Twitter, here is what the dialog informed the user.

I'm already an Edge user so I won't be bothered by these dialogs, but it's really annoying how browser makers - and by browser makers I mean Microsoft and Google - are taking every opportunity to shove annoying "please use Chrome/Edge" dialogs in our faces. It's user-hostile behaviour, and it feels cheap and scummy.

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RE: Not likely going to alter...
by WorknMan on Wed 12th Sep 2018 20:55 UTC in reply to "Not likely going to alter..."
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Not likely going to alter my use of Firefox at all.

Ya, IE6/7... some sins can never be forgiven. Esp. when moves like this show that Microsoft really hasn't changed at all.

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