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Does Lenovo put backdoors in if the Chinese government asks?

"If they want backdoors globally? We don't provide them. If they want a backdoor in China, let's just say that every multinational in China does the same thing.

"We comply with local laws. If the local laws say we don't put in backdoors, we don't put in backdoors. And we don't just comply with the laws, we follow the ethics and the spirit of the laws."

This shouldn't surprise anyone, really. At this point, it's pretty safe to assume that any major technology company selling products in China are putting backdoors into their products sold in China. Microsoft, Apple, phone makers - China is simply too powerful and important to ignore.

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by kwan_e on Fri 21st Sep 2018 03:26 UTC in reply to "Comment by sj87"
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"China is simply too powerful and important to ignore.

Based on what? How is China important for the company in itself? Would ignoring Chinese market lead to fading popularity and market cap in Europe or the Americas? Or even the neighbouring Asian countries? Personally I don't see it. Nobody goes to China because they have to, no, they go there because they want to make more money.

It isn't about capitalistic necessities, it is only about greed.

Let's say a US company ignores the Chinese market. Another US company dives head first into it.

Which US company is going to be more profitable? Which US company could use their profit and invest back into their US operations?

Can a US company ignore a US+China company?

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