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It used to happen sporadically but now it is a daily experience. As I am browsing the net I click on a link (usually a newspaper website). The page starts to load. Then I wait. And I wait. And I wait. It takes several seconds.

Once loaded, my patience is not rewarded since my MacBook Air mid-2011 seems to barely be able to keep up. Videos start playing left and right. Sound is not even turned off by default anymore. This shitshow festival of lights and sounds is discouraging but I am committed to learn about world news. I continue.

I have the silly idea to scroll down (searching for the meaty citations located between double quotes) and the framerate drops to 15 frames per second. Later, for no apparent reason, all fans will start running at full speed. The air exhaust will expel burning hot air. MacOS X's reveals countless "Helpers" processes which are not helping at all. I wonder if the machine is going to die on my lap, or take off like a jet and fly away.

This happens even on my brand new laptop or my crazy powerful custom PC. This short article is basically a reply to the article we talked about earlier this week, and I'm pretty sure this is a subject we won't be done with for a long time to come.

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RE[3]: Business Models
by dionicio on Sun 30th Sep 2018 02:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Business Models"
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Thanks, ssokolow. Great points. It's not about making individual decisions on individual transactions, it's about contracting duties:

Not buying every visit to OSnews, but contracting it will cost me x cents per day every day I depart at this virtual place.

From my Mozilla account to Thom's Mozilla account.

As anything this kind, a bet. As understood, UBER still not in the black.

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