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OpenBSD De Raadt's team makes OpenBSD, an operating system, and OpenSSH, for secure communications. Here, he talks about why he does it, about industry use of open-source software, and about dedication to quality paying off.
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Granting freedom
by tony on Wed 6th Jul 2005 23:56 UTC
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both BSD and GPL grant freedoms from some, and take it away from others.

The GPL grants the freedom that all software under the GPL will be available to the public, and takes away the freedom to close it up and sell it.

The BSD license grants the freedom for people and businesses to close it up and sell it, and takes away the guarantee that they'll have access to that code.

Both give with one hand, and taketh with the other.

People who write under both know what their getting into, and it's their choice what to release their project under or what projects (and their licenses) to contribute to.

Companies know what they're getting into, so do developers. I don't see why people are so anti-one or the other. Both are successful, and both have their place.

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