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Apple Apple's Mac mini will be reborn as the digital hub centerpiece it was originally conceived to be, sources have disclosed. The new Mac mini project, code-named Kaleidoscope, will feature an Intel processor and include both Front Row 2.0 and TiVo-like DVR functionality. While the specific model and speed of the Intel processor in the new Mac mini is unknown, sources are confident the system will be ready for roll-out at Macworld Expo San Francisco, in line with other reports Think Secret has received that Intel-based Macs will be ready some six months sooner than originally expected.
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by thavith_osn on Tue 29th Nov 2005 20:07 UTC
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The main Apple has in this digital hub arena over MS is that they own the H/W (something I get the impression MS wants more and more of).

If Apple play their cards right, you should be able to buy a Mini, plug it in, and off you go, TV, photos, music and movies (including simple access to trailers). But the best bit (and one MS needs to add to their offerings) is iLife (they have some of the various pieces, but not all - yet... rumor is they will). Your digital hub will also be your one stop shop for digital creation too, something that gives Apple the edge over most of the players. Now it's up to Apple to sell it at a good price.

The only area Apple really lacks in all this is in gaming, but in some ways, that may help.

BTW - you can't replace the video on the current models, you're stuck with 32Mb :-( As far as I know, it's only on the PowerMac that you have the option to swap this, so if you're a serious gamer, stick with the PC for now.

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