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Features, Office In a reversal, the state government of Massachusetts has thrown its support to Microsoft in an ongoing battle over office software formats and has launched an investigation into the state's former IT chief, who had been championing open-source software. "The Commonwealth is very pleased with Microsoft's progress in creating an open document format," said the state's Administration and Finance Secretary Tom Trimarco in a short statement on Thanksgiving eve. "If Microsoft follows through as planned, we are optimistic that Office Open XML will meet our new standards for acceptable open formats."
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Example of unethical Government negotiating
by tyrione on Tue 29th Nov 2005 20:08 UTC
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Unfortunately, it seems that the opendocument format was the bait for a strongarm tactic and Microsoft compromised enough for Massachusetts needs. This shows the lack of honest intentions by the state. They only wanted Microsoft to meet their needs and they used the Oasis Groups new standard as their tool to get it done.

Seems they met Microsoft at their own game.

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