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Linux Following up on their tests to work out which Linux distribution works best for business, ZDNet has taken a look at the wider issue of whether or not Linux is actually ready to replace Windows on the majority of Windows desktops.
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RE[2]: Not GNOME!
by llanitedave on Tue 29th Nov 2005 20:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Not GNOME!"
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"it seems that you are having a hard time accepting that the average user almost unanimously prefers GNOME, and you are now throwing your toys out of your pram as you usually do when you hear the facts contradict your broken framework of reality. "

I'm an average user, and a Mac user too, but I prefer KDE on Linux. I don't think your statement is backable.

Neither GNOME nor KDE is perfect, nor is either one bad. I happen to think KDE gives me more configurability. I appreciate that. GNOME does indeed seem simpler. I appreciate that too. The clincher for me is that KDE apps look better on KDE, and my favorite app, Kstars, comes with KDE.

Now, was that easy or what? No name calling, no trashing, no chest-beating or self-promotion or paranoid poor-mouthing.

Accept my choice, I accept yours.

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